Natural exotic banana monoï untangling conditioner bar


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    Not used to use solid conditioner, wondering how to use it? Simply by delicatly rubbing a small amount between your hands to obtain a rich conditioning cream and then apply it on clean and wet hair. A little goes a long way !

    For best efficiently, let the conditioner act one minute before rinsing it. Our Exotic banana monoï conditioner is exceptional to untangle hair and leave it nourished, soft, supple and looking healthy. This conditioner makes hair really manageable!

    Our exotic conditioner makes your curls and waves clearly defined and silky. Banana extract, silk powder, cocoa butter, kukui oil and D-Panthenol active included are wonderful to help prevent hair drying up, retain moisture, repair damage hair and untangle dry, frizzy and tangled hair. Our conditioner has an incredible and sweet monoï natural tahitian oil scent. 

    *Conservation: This product is creamy and sensitive to heat. It will melt during transport in summer season. To get it back to its normal hard texture, simply put it 30 minutes in the freezer when you’ll receive it.


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    -Vegetable conditioner emulsifier : enhance emulsion stability and act as a hair conditioner. Speeded up by lactic acid pH, it becomes anti-static and makes easier hair untangling. -BTMS (cetearyl alcool): vegetable emulsifier, it helps dried and chapped hair to untangle, brings stability to emulsions and gives hair volume. -Cocoa butter: brings hair brilliance and protection, nourrisshes, repairs, ideal for curly and dry hair. -Kukui oil: penetrates hair fiber to make untangling definitively easier. Recommended for dry, tangled and hard to do hair. This incredible oil also heals psoriasis affected skins. -Banana powder: Nourrishes, softens and prevent hair drying up. -Silk powder: Enhance hair moisture, helps it to keep healthy, soft and silky. -D-Panthenol (provitamine B-5): Helps retain moisture into hair and protects it, stimulates hair growing. -Lactic acid: balances conditioner emulsifier pH. -Natural monoï fragrance : Wonderfully exotic scent which brings you in Polynesian islands! -Cosgard preservative (Ecocert certified): Antibacterial and fungicide, it prevents undesirables coming in the product.