Vanilla rosemary Mango and murumuru butters conditioner for dry, curly and frizzy hair


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    Not used with solid conditioner and wondering how to use it? Simply delicatly rub it in your hands until it melts, then apply on wet hair. A very small quantity of product is enough to be efficient.

    Untangling hair is really easy with our conditioner and hair is nourished, soft, supple and looks really healthy.

    With our Mango and murumuru butters solid conditioner, kinks, curls and waves are clearly defined and silky. It also smells SO GOOD vanilla and rosemary ! This is fabulous with dry hair and frizzy hair. This is also an outstanding product for hair after CHEMOTHERAPY. It makes hair soft, silky, easy to untangle and very manageable.

    55 grams jar can last up to 60 uses.

    Dry weight : 20 grams 
    12-15 uses

    *Conservation: This product is creamy. It is necessary to drain it between each use to extend is lenght.

    NOTE: This product is sensitive to heat and will probably melt during transport in the warmer spring and summer months. Don’t worry: simply put in the freezer an half hour to re-solidify it.


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    -Vegetable conditioner emulsifier : enhance emulsion stability and act as a hair conditioner. Speeded up by lactic acid, it becomes anti-static and makes easier hair untangling. -BTMS: vegetable emulsifier, it helps dried and chapped hair to untangle, brings stability to emulsions and gives hair volume. -Mango butter: brings hair brilliance, strenghts hair, nourrisshes, repairs, softens hair fiber, ideal for dry, mat, breakable, frizzy and forked hair. -Murumuru butter : fine and exceptionnal butter, it comes from an Amazonian palm tree. There is no better butter to nourish dry and frizzy hair. It strenghtens and makes more attractive hair missing brilliance and vitality. Wonderfully rich in lauric acid, murumuru butter is the best friend of hair having a bad self-esteem ! -Hemp oil: nourishes hair fiber, enhances hair elasticity, makes untangling easier, brings hair brilliance. It is recommended for dull, dry, tangled and hard to do hair. -Silk amino acid : Powerful moisturizer which penetrates into hair and binds to skin to impart a lustrous silky feel after use, makes hair softer, brilliant, supples, stronger. Perfect for dull, thin, colored, broken, frizzy hair. -D-Panthenol (provitamine B-5): Helps retain moisture in the hair and protect it, stimulates hair growing. -Lactic acid: Balances conditioner emulsifier pH. -Rosemary essential oil : fungicide, skin and hair conditioner, poweful bactericide. -Vanilla fragrance : Hmmmm ! -vitamin E