Vanilla & Rosemary shampoo bar


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    Mainly made of sodium coco sulfate (by-product of coconut oil) and many other natural active ingredients, our vanilla & rosemary shampoo bar has many advantages:

    -Compact, it’s easy to slip it in your luggage;
    -Solid, it needs no superfluous wrapping;
    -Economic: a 100 grams bar lasts from 70 to 80 shampoos;
    -Made of natural ingredients, it is a concrete move to environnmental well-being 
    -Its vanilla & rosemary smelling will make your 7th sky’s trip lasts if you are already a fan of our vanilla & rosemary lotion, handcream, bubble bath or air spray

    How to use it? The same way as a liquid shampoo: simply scrub it softly on your hair, massage it and rinse it as usual. 

    This one is specially made for dry hair and it’s incomparable to untangle healthy hair (no more tears while brushing my 3 years old girl looong hair). If your hair is very dry or curly, use the shampoo bar with our murumuru and mango butters conditionner bar, which is incredible to moisturized it deeply.

    (about 70 uses)


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    -Sodium coco sulfate: By-product of coco oil, we use it for its bubbly and detergent power -BTMS: Coming from palm oil (organic & sustainably harvested) or colza oil, BTMS is entirely vegetable and act as a conditonner. It wonderfully helps to untangle hair. -D-Pantenol (provitamine B-5): Healing and strenghting hair, healing, moisturizer, helps hair and skin cells growing, enhance hair look. -Avocado oil: nourrishing oil, wonderful for dry and damage hair. -Mango butter: Rich, nourrishing, brings a shiny and brilliant touch, repairs hair and make it silky, excellent to prevent split ends. -Clarysage hydrosol: brings body to unshiny hair -Preservative, rosemary essential oil (hair conditionner), vanilla fragrance.