Shea butter, honey and ylang ylang shampoo bar


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    All natural, our Shea butter, honey and ylang shampoo bar fortifies, protects and nourishes hair deeply. Suitable for greasy hair type, it is soft on scalp and protects color-treated hair.

    Your hair will be generously nourished and easy to make.Mainly made of sodium coco sulfate (by-product of coconut oil) and many other natural active ingredients, our Shea butter, honey and ylang ylang shampoo bar has many advantages:

    -Compact, it’s easy to slip it in your luggage;
    -Solid, it needs no superfluous wrapping;
    -Economic: a 100 grams bar lasts from 70 to 80 shampoos and there is no waste while using;
    -Made of natural ingredients, it is a concrete move to environnmental well-being
    -Great sweet scent

    How to use it? Simply scrub it softly on your hair, massage it and rinse it as usual.

    If your hair is very dry or curly, use the shampoo bar with our Murumuru and mango butters conditioner bar, which is incredible to moisturized it deeply and untangle.

    Vous n’avez pas l’habitude d’employer de revitalisant après le shampoing? Comme les revitalisants ont généralement un pH inférieur au shampoing, cela permet aux écailles de vos cheveux de se refermer pour préserver leur hydratation naturelle après le lavage. Si vous n’employez pas de revitalisant, nous vous suggérerons d’ajouter quelques gouttes de vinaigre de cidre de pomme à votre eau de rinçage de manière à conserver les actifs que le shampoing vient de fournir à votre chevelure et de rééquilibrer votre pH.


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    Our synergistic blend of oils, butters and actives is suitable for dull, color-treated and normal to greasy hair. -Sodium coco sulfate: Vegetable washing agent. -Sodium cocoyl isethionate (acides gras de l'huile de coco): Softens and condition hair -Sodium bicarbonate: Balances pH -BTMS: vegetable emulsifier, it helps dried and chapped hair to untangle, brings stability to emulsions and gives hair volume. -Olive oil: Nourishes and fortifies hair, brings hair glow, heals scalp, makes coloration lasts longer -Shea butter: Brings hair brilliance, nourishes hair, protects chemically processed hair, efficient for dry and frizzy hair -Phytokeratine: Coming from wheat amino acid, phytokeratine brings hair strengh and vitality -Aloe juice: Moisturizes and heals. -Silk amino acid : Powerful moisturizer which penetrates into hair and binds to skin to impart a lustrous silky feel after use, makes hair softer, brilliant, supples, stronger. Perfect for dull, thin, colored, broken, frizzy hair. -Murumuru butter : fine and exceptionnal butter, it comes from an Amazonian palm tree. There is no better butter to nourish dry and frizzy hair. It strenghtens and makes more attractive hair missing brilliance and vitality. Wonderfully rich in lauric acid, murumuru butter is the best friend of hair having a bad self-esteem ! -Lavender floral water: purifiing, healing, invigorating -Organic honey: Softens, moisturizes, strenght ahir. Antibacterial agent. -Ylang ylang essential oil: Has a tonic and invigorating action on hair while having an incomparable floral and sensual scent. -Sodium coco sulfate: By-product of coco oil, we use it for its bubbly and detergent power -BTMS: Coming from palm oil (organic & sustainably harvested) or colza oil, BTMS is entirely vegetable and act as a conditonner. It wonderfully helps to untangle hair. -Lavender hydrosol: tight skin pores, purifiing, healing, invigorating