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All natural Tangerine, coconut and lavender detangling spray – Little girl’s mother salvation


Size: 120 ml

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All natural nourishing and super efficient detangling spray. Irresistible tangerine, coconut and lavender scent. Nourishes and strengthens hair. Will bring softness and shine to your hair.

Shake well before use.


“Just received my parcel. The mailman came as I was making my daughter’s hair, what a great coincidence!. We adopted your untangling spray as well. Wow, what is it exactly? Witchcraft or what? This is just perfect!” Elise, Sherbrooke

-Water -Lavender hydrosol: Purifying, cleaning, softening, calming -Glycerine: Moisturizing, softening -Macadamia oil: Color preservative (wind, cold, sun), nourrishes. Adapted to sensitive skin. -Organic aloe juice: Calming, nourrishing, moisturizing, sensitive skins -Organic rose hydrosol: Calming, refreshing, tonifying -Organic apple vinegar: Brings hair brilliance, balancing pH -Organic kukui oil: Untangling, not oily, penetrates skin -Phytokeratine: Moisturizing, makes hair soft and brilliant, strongs hair'structure -Organic sulfated castor oil: Helps oil scattering easier in water solution -Benzyl alcohol: Synthetic preservative, Ecocert certified -Organic coconut natural extract: Wonderfully scented -Organic tangerine essential oil: purifying, adapted to oily scalp -Organic bett extract: Color

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