Moisturizing and healing balm for eczema skin

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    Healing and soothing, this incredible balm will protect, nourishe and calm eczema suffering skins.

    Adapted to sensitive skins, it promotes cell-renewal, helps to protect skin, moitsurizes deeply and stimulates cells growing. It is the perfect balm for dry, dry on and rough skins.

    It also keep your heels baby soft and repair cracks !


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    -Calendula oil: protects, heals, calms. -Wheatgerm oil : rich in A, B, D and E vitamins, it contributes to moisturizes, smooths, repairs. -Shea butter: emollient, moisturizes, protects, nourrishing, calming -Avocado butter: stimulates cells grows and calm -Althaea officinalis root (marshmallow root) herb tea: calming, soothing -Aloe gel: soothing, calming, refreshning, helps healing -Glycerine : Helps keeping moisturizing into skin -Beewax -Lavender aspic essential oil: exceptionnal properties on skin affections as eczema or psoriasis. Aspic lavender is a powerfull fungicide, healing and antibacterial agent. We recommand it for many skins problems as eczema. -Tea tree essential oil : Antibacterial, antiviral, fungicide Here is the perfect mix for a calming, nourrishing, rich and softens balm for eczema skins!