Comfrey oil and propolis protective and healing balm


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    Our comfrey oil and propolis salve is rich in neem oil, comfrey oil (heals and calms itchy skin), St-John’s wort oil (healing burns) and mango butter (nourishes, sooths and repares). Loaded in benefits, it accelerates the healing of chapped, burned and sensitive skin, scratches, bug bites and musculary pain. 

    Can also be use as aftersun skin care and foot balm.

    Directions: Apply on skin to sooth and help healing. Massage to make penetrate.

    DO NOT USE IF PREGNANT, BREASTFEEDING or ON TODDLERS’skin.Do NOT use before sun exposition.


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    Beewax mango butter, comfrey oil, St-John's wort oil, neem oil, allantoine, propolis, Lavandin essential oil, helicrysum essential oil, tea tree essential oil, lemon essential oil, palmarosa essential oil