Bergamote and coconut natural face cleanser


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    Our rich and deep face cleanser is wonderful for visibly clearer skin. Adapted to all skin types, it is entirely natural. Made of juniper berry and lavender hydrosol, babassu lather, urea and organic honey extract, it provides a great purifying clean while providing skin great moisturizing.

    DIRECTION: Use cleansing lather on face after cleansing lotion and massage face skin. Rince.


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    Organic cleansing base: cleanse skin softly. Juniper berry hydrosol: Purifies and balances all skin types Lavender hydrosol: Astringent, purifiing and promotes skin cell renewal Babassu oil: Organic softening cleansing base Urea: Deep moisturizing active. Honeyquat: Has deep moisturizing and softening properties.Honey by-product. Essential oils and organic fragrance