Anti-aging green tea and bitter cherry extract facial toner


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    Loaded with all natural goodies adapted to dry to normal skins, this products brings face skin moisturizing, anti-aging effect and softness, leaving it fresh and smelling delicate floral notes.

    DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Shake well before use. Spray green tea tonic on face after cleansing lotion use and take the excedent off with a clean coton pad. Use in the morning as a toner before make-up.


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    Pure water Chamomille hydrosol: Anti-inflammatory, chamomille hydrosol is adapted to sensitive skins. It also calms and heals skin. Green tea extract: Rich in cafein and polyphenols, green tea extract has many properties: anti-aging, softening, slimming. Here's a wonderful youth cure! Organic bitter cherry extract: Moisturizing, softening, anti-aging, tightening. Aloe juice: Healing, softening, nourishing, purifying, invigorating. Organic apple vinegar: Helps protects skin moisturizing and softness. Also stops skin ageing. Prevents skin blackhead formation Adapted to dry skins essential oils blend (rosewood, organic Egypt geranium, neroli) Parabens free preservative