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Prétentieuse natural vanilla fragrance -NEW ! – For DIY lovers !


Size: 100 ml, 30 ml


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We are extremely proud to present our new ultra-gourmet fruited vanilla fragrance!

Our refreshing vanilla fragrance is filled with fresh and comforting citrus fruits. Its exotic scent reminds of vanilla beans blended with freshly picked citrus fruits. Long lasting, the sugar notes of those precious beans will follow you all day long.

Those of you who have been following us for some time already know how ADDICTED we are to the smell of vanilla. We are such fans, that we have tested dozens of vanilla scents. Yet, we have not been able to find a “100% pure” vegetal origin fragrance meeting our olfactive criteria, so we decided to appoint a lab in conceiving a fragrance that would perfectly match our accurate requirements, and we are proud to say that it’s now MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

More and more DIY amateurs are looking out for oils, aromas, perfumes and scents of natural origins to create their products. Thus you will be thrilled to discover our exquisite, warm, sugary, slightly exotic and suave vanilla fragrance with its delicious citrus fruit final note. A pure and addictive delectation, totally irresistible.

This delicious natural scent is perfect to pamper your house… and you will soon find various recipes to boost your imagination on our brand-new blog!


Can be kept 1 year in a cool and dry place

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