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All natural Bloody orange and peppermint untangling spray – wonderfully efficient – little girls’mother salvation


Size: 240 ml

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Ok, ok, I confess, it was easy to care of six little boys’hair. Suddenly, a little girl arrived. With hair. A lot of hair. She’s now 4…and hair has grown until bottom…and little girl is screaming has soon as brush comes by her sight.

She stops when I specify it is conditioning night with solid butter 

However, as we are conditioning hair only one or two times a week, we needed and untangling product for other days. We prepared what we needed, tested on Béatrice’s head: no tears, no screams, no fear. All ingredients were choose for their untangling, moisturizing, softening and strenght properties.

Specially made for its properties, it also has a great peppermint and bloody orange scent! Brush is not terrifying anymore!

This product is a great hit here. For little girl….and mom too!

Shake well before use.
This product is kid’safe (doesn’t contain peppermint essential oils)

-Water -Peppermint hydrosol: Invigorating, antibacterial -Glycerine: Moisturizing, softening -Macadamia oil: Color preservative (wind, cold, sun), nourrishes. Adapted to sensitive skin. -Organic aloe juice: Calming, nourrishing, moisturizing, sensitive skins -Organic rose hydrosol: Calming, refreshing, tonifying -Organic apple vinegar: Brings hair brilliance, balancing pH -Organic kukui oil: Untangling, not oily, penetrates skin -Phytokeratine: Moisturizing, makes hair soft and brilliant, strongs hair'structure -Organic sulfated castor oil: Helps oil scattering easier in water solution -Benzyl alcohol: Synthetic preservative, Ecocert certified -Organic bloody orange essential oil: Calming, antiseptic -Organic cranberry extract: anti-aging and color

    tres bon spray our enmenner en vacances dans le sud

  2. Noemie (verified owner)

    J’adore,autant pour moi qui à les cheveux fins et longs, que pour ma fille de 4 ans aux cheveux fins et frissotants.

  3. fvdure88 (verified owner)

    Très bon démêlant, très nourrissant! Excellent aussi sur cheveux crépus!

  4. Valerie Sills

    bon produit pour démêler les cheveux de ma fille de 4 ans, un peu moins efficace sur mes cheveux très fins qui mêlent à rien.

  5. Stéphanie Goupil (verified owner)

    Je l’utilise après mon lavage de cheveux, j’Adore l’odeur et il fonctionne 🙂

  6. Nataly Love

    Super, je l’utilise pour moi-même car j’ai un cheveux, très fin, sec et cassant. J’adoreeeeeeee mon démêle noeud!!

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